Friday, 18 July 2014

Is the Night and Day row finally over? Noise nuisance 'ends' for seven nights but residents claim it’s no victory | Mancunian Matters

Is the Night and Day row finally over? Let's see if the Volume get's turned back up again!

We hope the noise nuisance has stopped but time will tell, As the venue owner's turned down the volume last time when they received the statutory abatement notice but then it went back up again after two week's so we will have to wait & see if they have finely listen to what the licence review paper's from the City Council said.

Like we said in Mancunian Matters “We don’t feel it’s a victory because it’s not about winning. It’s about a bar working within the law,”  We also reiterated our earlier claims that we did not wish to see the bar close it's doors. “ The Night and Day’s owners need to be a good neighbour and start to work within their licence Conditions ” And understand that people live & work in the area. It's about coming together and working as one, " Not working against us all" 

We want the council to go into Night and Day and we want them to work with the council and set noise levels. If they have any more complaints in the future, they will know what the levels are.” 

The review of the licence will include a 28-day period of public consultation, but only businesses and residents who live in the Northern Quarter area will be able to make representations.

We urge people living & working in the Northern Quarter to come forward and make their issues heard to the licencing committee if you have any issues with the venue NOT complying with the licensing objective, (Which is that the Venue is NOT to Cause a Public Nuisance)Then this is your opportunity to make your Issues heard to the council & licencing committee. 

All we our asking is that Night & Day Cafe start to work within your licence conditions. 

Night and Day row finally over? Noise nuisance 'ends' for seven nights but residents claim it’s no victory | Mancunian Matters

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Update Regarding Night & Day Cafe form the complainant.

Update Regarding Night & Day Cafe form the complainant.

Since the council served the licence review notice & paper-work on Night & Day Cafe on Thursday 10th July 2014, The noise levels have gone back to what they were last October! We have had NO Noise Nuisance for 7 night's and they have had bands on at the venue so this prove's that the venue can work within the licence when they want to. (We hope it can stay like this & the venue can start to work within it's licence conditions) 

We put out the licence review paper work so people could see that truth regarding the whole case over Night & Day Cafe as the owner's ONLY want you to see what they want you to see.

We just want to make it Very Clear now that we don't want the VENUE to close down (Which it isn't) All that is being asked is that the Venue owner's work with the council and STOP causing a Nuisance to the residents.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Here is the licencing review application for Night & Day Cafe of review of the premises Licence under the licensing Act 2003

 Licencing review application for Night & Day Cafe 

This review application is available as an electronic copy at Manchester City Council. The Licence review notice & paper work clearly show's that Night & Day Cafe had other complaints over the years and that they had complaints from other flats in the area. Also when Night & Day Cafe has said they have never had a complaint from our block of flat's that is a lie the paper-work prove's that. It also prove's that there was another complaint around the same time us, Also when Night & Day cafe say they are working with the council they clearly are "Not working with the Council" You just have to read it to believe what the Venue is really like. 


Apparently one of the bands that have performed at Night and Day, have an issue with this noise nuisance recording. They are wrongly claiming it is copyright infringement and are now trying to make the whole noise nuisance situation about them. It looks more like they are trying to use the situation to get publicity for themselves. Here is more information on "Fair use" in regards to copyright law. We our only recording what is heard from the venue in the home we our not recording the band's songs "We our Recording a Serve noise nuisance which is coming from the Venue.